Vidro flutuante transparente

Vidro flutuante transparente é feita pela mistura de areia de sílica de alta qualidade, bolo de sal e outras matérias-primas1.jpg melting them at temperature 1800℃ in the furnace,the molten glass flows to tin bath where the glass was spread,the vidro finished under the works of gravity and surface tension form the glass sheet,the plate glass used range in architectural(window glass,sliding glass door,double glazing,greenhouse),interior(glassdoor,furniture,display glass window,glass table,glass partitons) and various of glass processing such as automotive,optical,mirrors,tempered and laminated which you want to do.

Flat and smooth surface,light transmittance≥89%,no visual distortion. glass thickness 2mm-4mm is windly used for electronic,3mm ITO glass light transmittance≥90%,glass apply to LCD display,copy machine and scanner.
Corte no tamanho disponível, reduza a perda de corte
Substrato para processamento de vidro diferente
Use energia limpa, proteção ambiental e ambiental